Align Health and Wellness is proud to announce the addition of Irina Khazanovsky to our team!

Irina graduated with a degree in massage therapy and started her clinical career in December of 2010. Since that time, Irina has had an opportunity gain experience in a variety clinical settings and countries. She has honed her skills by working in athletic rehabilitation clinics, premier Ontario spas, training couples on massage techniques, and in chiropractic and wellness centers treating a wide range of conditions. 

Along with traditional Swedish massage techniques, Irina has studied and utilizes many treatment techniques including: myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy, prenatal, postnatal, infant massage, and craniosacral techniques.

Irina has also taken a special interest and trained in combined decongestive therapy and integrated lymphatic drainage techniques. These techniques allow her to treat post-operative and post-traumatic swelling, treat breast cancer patients/survivors, varicose veins, and diabetic swelling. Also, due to its gentle nature, this type of lymphatic massage allows Irina incorporate massage into programs of care for fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.